Piccadilly Productions

Our Newest Offering:
The Farm Show

This down-home romp follows the trials and tribulations of a kindly, and somewhat cocky, rooster named Rudy as he tries to do the impossible . . . lay an egg! Along the way, he encounters his fellow barnyard brethren as they do what all farm animals do . . . sing and dance! Lots of music and audience participation and a barrel of laughs are all part of this show meant to delight audiences young and old.

Cost is $300 for this unique and fun show about the journey of finding out who you are and learning that everyone has limitations in life.

Are you ready for a puppet show?

E-mail us or call (913) 837-3544 to bring one of our shows to your event. Please dial a "1" before the number if you're outside of Miami County, Kansas.

"Peter & the Wolf," "Animals of Africa," and our workshops (see Workshops) can be funded through the Missouri Arts Council.

These shows are available year-round, for indoor or outdoor venues, unless marked otherwise. We can perform for 50-250 people at a time. Each show is between 30 and 45 minutes in length.

Puppet shows and prices

Puppet Show Price Notes
The Gingerbread Boy $300 Piccadilly Productions's trademark puppet show. A holiday classic for audiences up to 350.
MaMa Goose and the Mighty Overtones $300 Mother Goose rhymes and lots of audience participation.
MaMa Goose: Pumpkin Vines and Nursery Rhymes $300 A half hour of nursery rhymes with a fall theme.
Little Red Riding Hood $300 Little Red tames our hilarious wolf.
3 Billy Goats $300 Let us trip-trap into your hearts.
Bid Bad Storytime $300 Meet Frumpty Dumpty, Humpty's smart-egg sister, and other stories.
Ottie the Lonely Otter $300 A musical, underwater puppet show. A school of fish, an otter, a shark, a sting ray, an alligator, and more tell the story of how a lonely otter finds friendship! This show is really entertaining and the kids might learn something about the ocean.
Jungle Stories $300 Rabbits, giraffes, monkeys and snakes! Oh my, what a mix! Can be funded through Missouri Arts Council.
Peter & the Wolf $300 The classic tale, Piccadilly style. Can be funded through Missouri Arts Council.
Birthday Parties $150 A 90-minute party for 10 kids. Call for themes and details.
Roving $200/hr Costumed characters to liven up your event.
Country Mouse Town Mouse $400 Bohemian marionettes, and rod puppets make this a beautiful show for any age group.
 The Farm Show $300  Rudy the Rooster really wants to lay an egg. Need we say more!

You can book workshops by themselves or to tie in with a performance. See the "Workshops" page for more information.

We can give discounts if you book multiple performances. Call us at (913) 837-3544 and we'll discuss options!