Piccadilly Productions

Buy tickets early as our puppet shows sell out! Check with venue for ticket prices.

Or call Piccadilly at (913) 837-3544 for information on all our events. Those outside Miami County, Kansas, will have to dial a "1" before the number to reach us

Season & tickets

Piccadilly Productions proudly presents its 25th season of puppetry and the performance arts in 2015, which includes a brand new show along with some its most popular seasonal puppet shows. If you have a venue in mind in your neck of the woods, please give us a call at (913) 837-3544. Please dial a "1" before the number if you're outside of Miami County, Kansas.

    New Show!

    Little Animals on the Prairie -- Piccadilly's newest show, "Little Animals on the Prairie," debuted in July 2015. This fun revisioning of the Laura Ingalls Wilder story is packed with Piccadilly humor and tons of twists. Follow little Laura as she explores the Kansas prairie, meeting up with a host of furry friends and a creepy critter or two. Call (913) 837-3544 for booking information.

    Seasonal Shows

    Pumpkin Vines & Nursery Rhymes -- A fall, family-fun show for all ages, “Pumpkin Vines” features Mama Goose along with Piccadilly’s unique brand of storytelling. Mama’s traditional nursery rhymes are delivered with a twist as Jack jumps over a pumpkin, while Mary has a little ghost! The quirky, not-so-scary show is just plain BATTY! Music, audience participation and fun are all highlighted in this show meant to delight audiences amidst the wonders of autumn and in the days leading up to Halloween. Call (913) 837-3544 for booking information.

    The Gingerbread Boy -- This family-friendly show, full of holiday goodness as sweet as sugar, features Belinda Baker, who makes a special wish and bakes her a boy made of gingerbread. Then, "The Gingerbread Boy" makes himself a sister and silliness ensues! Don't miss Piccadilly's longest-running show in its 23rd year. Call (913) 837-3544 for booking information.

    The Farm Show -- This down-home romp follows the trials and tribulations of a kindly, and somewhat cocky, rooster named Rudy as he tries to do the impossible . . . lay an egg! Along the way, he encounters his fellow barnyard brethern who have a little fun with him, while trying to set him straight. Music, audience participation and a barrel of laughs are all part of this fun-filled show. Call (913) 837-3544 for booking information.