Piccadilly Productions

Grandma holding a photograph of Lisa Jorgensen and John Mulvey posing with the Grandma, Little Red, and Wolf puppets.

Little Red Riding Hood

And here you thought that wolf was just plain ol' bad, when really his problem is that he didn't pay attention in school and can't read his menu properly!

Wolf: — Could I be hankerin’ for clamburgers and French guys?
Flower: — It’s hamburgers and french fries! Not clamburgers and French guys! I think this wolf may need to learn how to read.
Wolf: — Look at this: Hot dogs and feetza! Sautéed tendercoins! Coins … sounds too expensive.

It's up to Little Red to help him get his wolf menu straightened out so he can leave little girls off his culinary list.

A singing flower and a rock-and-roll granny (watch for the Granny Twirl) help tell Piccadilly’s version of this classic story. Best for children up to 10 years of age.